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Why Wireless Video?

Wireless video surveillance is transforming the way organizations, municipalities and institutions are protecting their property, personnel and proprietary assets. Motorola’s proven wireless technology helps to increase safety and security quickly and affordably.

MOTOwi4 wireless broadband solution allows enterprises, carriers, ISPs and municipalities to easily connect expansive IP networks, forming a cohesive system for wireless video surveillance solutions. The wi4 infrastructure delivers an outstanding ROI and superior performance, exceptional interference mitigation techniques and multiple layers of security. The ability to transmit across long distances, over water or around obstacles extends the reach and value of the solution. IP-based video surveillance works on the latest Motorola wireless technology and network video monitoring solutions, revolutionizing the way organizations, municipalities and institutions protect their property, personnel and proprietary assets. Compared to analog or hybrid systems, MOTOwi4 IP-based solutions provide a number of crucial advantages, including:

  • Real-time situational awareness and response
  • Remote video monitoring and accessibility
  • Faster, lower cost deployment
  • Leverage the existing networks
  • Maximizing the benefits of smart cameras and software
  • Optimized ROI
  • Digital image encryption for security purposes

IP-Based Video Surveillance Solutions: Seeing is Protecting

Delivering high-speed data from Point A to Point B has never been easier. With the Motorola Point-to-Point (PTP) wireless Ethernet bridges, enterprises, carriers, ISPs and municipalities can easily connect expansive IP networks to form a cohesive system. Delivering an outstanding ROI and superior performance, the point-to-point solutions possess exceptional interference mitigation techniques, multiple layers of security and can transmit across long distances, over water or around obstacles.

IP-based video surveillance is revolutionizing the way organizations, municipalities and institutions are protecting their property, personnel and proprietary assets. Motorola’s proven Canopy™ wireless technology helps you and your customers join the revolution. Compared to analog or hybrid systems, IP-based solutions provide a number of crucial advantages, including:

  • Real-Time Situational Awareness and Response
  • Remote Monitoring and Accessibility
  • Faster, Lower Cost Deployment
  • Leverage the Existing Networks
  • Maximize the Benefits of Smart Cameras and Software
  • Optimized ROI
  • Digital Image Encryption for Security Purposes

The Canopy platform - part of the MOTOwi4™ portfolio of wireless broadband solutions - serves as a cost-effective, reliable backbone infrastructure for transporting any type of video, sound or data IP surveillance traffic. The Canopy system offers:

  • Globally Proven Reliability
  • Configuration Flexibility
  • Analog and Hybrid System Integration
  • Superior Scalability
  • Faster, Simpler Deployment
  • Multiple Layers of Network Security
  • Efficient Bandwidth Management
  • Exceptional Affordability
  • Motorola Wireless Expertise and Support

Wireless Video News & Events

With MOTOwi4 wireless broadband solutions, enterprises, carriers, ISPs and municipalities can easily connect expansive IP networks to form a cohesive system for wireless video surveillance solutions.

Learn more from the case studies available by industry sector below:

Wireless Video for Education

Personal safety, premise and property protection, data centre security and public safety are among every educational environment's highest priorities. In addition to providing ubiquitous access, Motorola's high-speed wireless networks enable state-of-the-art IP-based video surveillance capabilities for improved facility and campus security and enhanced personal safety for students, faculty and staff.

Wireless Video for Local Government

Wireless video surveillance helps local governments provide a safer, more secure public environment. Using the latest in Motorola's wireless technology and network video monitoring solutions, governments are deploying more cost-effective in their fight against vandalism, theft, assault and the threat of terrorism.

Wireless Video for Public Safety

Wireless video surveillance with Motorola's wireless broadband networks is a major part of local security operations that tackle street crime or anti-social behavior in our communities. With the public perception of increased crime and terrorism a major factor in customers' desire to use transportation services, network cameras sited at railway, bus and metro stations can enhance customer safety and security by providing a visible deterrent against theft and assaults.

Wireless Video for Retail

From distribution warehousing to retail outlets, Motorola wireless broadband is boosting operational profitability and through the use of video surveillance supporting customer monitoring to video conferencing. Retail stores and shopping malls are also safeguarding sales and security staff against assaults and harassment through the visible deterrent of prominently located network cameras.

Wireless Video for Transportation

Remote video monitoring can help road, rail and airline passengers get to their destination promptly, safely and reliably. Motorola wireless networks connecting to remote controlled cameras are transmitting real-time images on traffic congestion or adverse weather conditions directly to the police, local government, television or radio broadcasters or motoring organizations.

In addition to making transport systems more efficient, Motorola is connecting wireless surveillance systems to improve safety. Security staff and public authorities are guarding against the threat of terrorism and crime more effectively by monitoring the movements of passengers or locations for potential threats. Motorola wireless networks can link cameras to allow airlines and rail companies to track, count and analyze passenger movements in a busy areas to provide a better service to their customers.

Motorola wi4 Video Featured Product

Mesh Camera – Mesh and Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless Video System

Motorola's mesh and Wi-Fi enabled camera video system is a robust, low-cost, easy-to-deploy, wireless solution for fixed and mobile video. Integrating Motorola's Mobility Enabled Access (MEA) technology or Wi-Fi directly into Sony's "IPELA" camera has created a solution that is smaller and more cost-effective than conventional wireless video systems. Utilizing either licensed 4.9 GHz or unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequencies, the mesh camera system can be part of a larger MOTOMESH network, or act as a standalone video solution. Users can wirelessly access high quality video feeds – even while traveling at highway speeds.

Self-forming wireless video network

Motorola's intelligent MEA technology turns mesh camera nodes and clients into router/repeaters that form a seamless, wireless network automatically. This network can be deployed independently, or as part of a wider mesh network using additional mesh devices.

Multi-hopping feature

Video and other broadband data can "hop" through every device in a network, even to and from vehicles traveling at highway speeds. The video network actually becomes more robust as additional cameras and other MEA devices are added.

Support for 4.9 GHz MEA, 2.4 GHz MEA and 802.11 b/g operation

A mesh camera network can be configured to utilize either licensed 4.9 GHz, or unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequencies. Motorola offers a wireless modem card for 2.4 GHz and 4.9 GHz frequencies, which is inserted directly into Sony's "IPELA" camera to create a mesh camera node. The camera comes preloaded with drivers for both frequencies and will automatically join the network when turned on. Built-in 802.11 b/g provides Wi-Fi connectivity to the Duo line of the MOTOMESH portfolio.

Cost-Effective, scalable and easy to deploy

Within each node, the routing and access functions are managed by an internal wireless modem card, eliminating the need for externally connected network devices. This can significantly reduce costs compared to conventional wireless video systems. Mesh camera nodes provide a fast, easy way to add high quality video applications to existing Motorola mesh networks.

Public safety and security benefits

  • Supports 4.9 GHz radio spectrum licensed specifically for public safety use.
  • Quickly deploy as permanent or temporary video surveillance platform for schools, parks, airports, sporting events, etc. Stream live video to and from vehicles in route to, or engaged at an incident site.
  • Integrates seamlessly into wide area, 2.4 GHz or 4.9 GHz MOTOMESH networks

Benefits for municipalities

  • Supports unlicensed 2.4 GHz radio spectrum for general public use (802.11b/g operates on 2.4 GHz radio spectrum).
  • Highly scalable solution allows deployment of networks of any size.
  • Stream live video to and from vehicles even while traveling at highway speeds.
  • Provide improved system management and enhanced rider experience for public transit.
  • The mesh camera wireless video system is part of Motorola's suite of fixed and mobile intelligent video solutions.

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