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MOTOwi4 Mesh


MOTOwi4 Mesh

Enable citywide wireless broadband coverage.

wi4 Mesh solutions enable you to provide municipalities and enterprises with cost-effective fixed and mobile high-speed wireless broadband coverage for public access, public safety and public works.

The Meshing Revolution

Motorola’s mesh networking solutions enables users to wirelessly access broadband applications anywhere, at anytime - even while in a moving vehicle. Initially developed for secure and reliable military battlefield communications, Motorola’s mesh technology serves public safety, public access and public works – either simultaneously or individually. The network can be designed to meet the needs of one, two or all three.

Motorola’s extensive portfolio of mesh networking products feature both WiFi mesh solutions that are based on the industry-standard 802.11 protocol and purpose built systems that go well beyond what WiFi can offer for mobile wireless broadband communications. The latest wireless broadband applications such as high-speed data, video and position location services to diverse municipal agencies, as well as WiFi access to the general public.

Mesh technology provides law enforcement and emergency first responders with real-time access to databases, video surveillance cameras and other reporting tools in the field. In most cases, public safety serves as the anchor tenant for the initial deployment of a municipal wireless broadband network, subsequently bringing on other agencies and providing public access. The deployment of Motorola mesh networks helps municipalities spur economic development, eliminate the digital divide and forge stronger communities.

Typical Users:

Emergency Response

Send information including blueprints, presence of hazardous chemicals and occupancy to fire and rescue teams en route to an emergency situation.

Law Enforcement

Transmit real-time video feed of car accident back to police headquarters while identifying and alerting the closest patrol car to the accident site

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Enable traffic engineers to adjust traffic signals wirelessly to improve traffic flow based on real-time video feeds relaying accidents in a particular area.

Public Works

Give remote workers the option to enter data on their laptops at their work location to reduce trips back to headquarters and lower error rates.


Offer WiFi for public access and provide government agencies with wireless access to increase productivity and other uses such as meter reading.

Service Providers

Expand services offerings, enter new geographies, establish partnerships with municipalities in building intelligent wireless communities.

Key Products:


Implement a highly mobile, flexible and scalable wireless network with the MOTOMESH Solo solution.

MOTOMESH Solo with Mobility Enabled Access (MEA®)

This single-radio mesh network provides users with a dedicated, robust mobility solution with both infrastructure and client meshing capabilities. MEA works where WiFi won’t due to it’s extreme interference tolerance. A MOTOMESH Solo network can improve productivity by providing high speed data, video and location services to mobile users and field personnel.

Recent deployments include: Providence, Rhode Island; Ripon, California; Cocoa Beach, Florida; Buffalo, Minnesota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Kissimmee, Florida.

Featured MOTOMESH Solo Products:

EWR6300 – Enhanced Wireless Router for MOTOMESH Solo
The combined functionality of a Motorola Wireless Router and client modem in a single, cost-effective, wireless network component.

PWR6300 – Portable Wireless Router for MOTOMESH™ Solo
PWRs provide wireless network access to one or more IP devices via a standard, RJ45 Ethernet port.

IAP6300 – Intelligent Access Point for MOTOMESH Solo
The IAP6300 is a small, low-cost device that acts as the bridge from the wireless network to the wired world.

VMM6300 – Vehicle Mounted Modem for MOTOMESH™ Solo
Provide access to high bandwidth mission-critical information on the move.

MWR6300 – Mesh Wireless Router for MOTOMESH™ Solo
MWRs provide coverage in large areas, campuses or in-building applications and enable communications between Clients and IAPs.

WMC6300 – Wireless Modem Card for MOTOMESH™ Solo
Enable high bandwidth data and video, position location, and voice services from any device with a PCMCIA card slot.


Increase public safety, facilitate economic development and strengthen communities with Meshed WiFi networks. MOTOMESH Duo delivers a new level of economic flexibility and investment protection to municipalities and service providers.

A high-performance, meshed WiFi solution, MOTOMESH Duo is designed to meet strict cost-per-square-mile and return on investment targets. Available in single- or dual-radio configurations, it leverages Motorola’s field-proven, MeshConnex routing engine and MeshManager element management system to meet the challenges of demanding multi-use networks. Its small size, minimal visual impact and low-power consumption increase mounting location flexibility.

Recent deployments include Apopka and Kissimmee, Florida; the 2007 Pan American Games, Brazil; and the China Education and Research Network.

Featured MOTOMESH Duo Products:

IAP4300 – Intelligent Access Point for MOTOMESH Duo
The IAP4300 acts as a bridge between the wired world and the wireless mesh network and is also capable of being a mesh wireless router (MWR).


Deliver mobile broadband access to diverse muncipal agencies and WiFi access to the public.

MOTOMESH™ Quattro is a four-radio meshed WiFi network with Mobility Enabled Access (MEA) — a revolutionary wide area, multi-radio solution that offers the security, capacity and flexibility cities need.

This multi-radio broadband solution combines 4.9 GHz licensed mobile broadband radios and unlicensed WiFi radios into a single access point. The MOTOMESH Quattro solution enables truly distinct wireless broadband networks to operate over a common physical infrastructure. MOTOMESH Quattro allows municipalities to serve diverse communities of interest without the risk of public WiFi users overwhelming mission critical mobile broadband users.

Recent deployments include Plano, Texas; Wake County, North Carolina; Riviera Beach, Florida; Los Angeles, California and Macon, Georgia.

Featured MOTOMESH Quattro Products:

IAP7300 – Intelligent Access Point for MOTOMESH Quattro
Contains two 802.11 (Wi-Fi) radios and two of Motorola's Mobility Enabled Access (MEA) mobile broadband radios.

VMM7300 – Vehicle-Mounted Modem for MOTOMESH Quattro
Designed for heavy duty use, this modem operates in the 4.9 GHz, licensed public safety band.

MWR7300 – Mesh Wireless Router for MOTOMESH Quattro
Extend coverage and connectivity by meshing access points and users together.

WMC7300 – Wireless Modem Card for MOTOMESH Quattro
Operates in the licensed 4.9 GHz band, exclusively for public safety.

Video Surveillance: Seeing Is Protecting

Mesh Camera

Integrating Motorola’s Mobility Enabled Access (MEA) technology directly into Sony’s "IPELA" camera has created a solution that is smaller and more cost effective than conventional wireless video systems. Users can wirelessly access high quality video feeds – even while traveling at highway speeds. Cameras also act as a "hopping" point for data, further tightening the overall network

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