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Wireless Broadband for Education

Motorola's MOTOwi4™ portfolio of wireless broadband solutions is earning high marks worldwide for our powerful, yet affordable high-speed education solutions. Wireless broadband enables applications that provide ubiquitous connectivity and excel at helping institutions meet their challenges by streamlining operations, reducing costs, increasing productivity and enhancing backup and redundancy. An increasing number of educational institutions are using wireless broadband technologies to help them control costs, eliminate inefficiencies and enhance student, faculty and community relations. The MOTOwi4 portfolio leads the industry in breadth and depth and provides a comprehensive high-speed ecosystem that delivers.

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Wireless Broadband for Enterprise

The business benefits of broadband communications and Internet access are easy to see. Broadband can: unite corporate and institutional campuses and locations; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety: improve employee and customer relations; and a lot more.

The challenges of setting up an effective broadband system, however, have always been significant: cost, complexity and time. From purchasing spectrum licenses to designing, installing and maintaining complicated and cumbersome networks, the process has been expensive, time-consuming and daunting.

The Motorola Canopy™ system has changed all that.

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Wireless Broadband for Manufacturing

Manufacturers in today's rapidly evolving economic environment are coping with a number of major, business-altering issues: globalization, increased competition, more stringent regulations, shortages of qualified workers and rising costs. The MOTOwi4 portfolio of wireless broadband solutions enables both process and discrete manufacturing environments to access, move and manage any type of information— including voice, video and data—in real time.

Only Motorola understands wireless inside and out. The MOTOwi4™ portfolio of end-to-end wireless broadband solutions provide reliable, secure connectivity in the office, on the factory floor, in the field and on the road. These solutions help manufacturers maximize communications, improve operational efficiency, control costs, increase productivity and tighten security.

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Wireless Broadband for Metro

Wireless broadband and Metro WiFi are sweeping the world, creating a global buzz unseen in the communications arena since the advent of the Internet.

For communities large and small, Metro WiFi can help conquer the digital divide, encourage economic development, streamline public services and public safety and create a greater sense of community among residents. For campuses and enterprises, Metro WiFi can improve productivity; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety; and improve employee and customer relations.

But which solution is right for your community, enterprise, or campus environment? And whom do you turn to for help? The answer is Motorola.

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Wireless Broadband for Transportation

From San Francisco to Shanghai, the world’s cities continue to grow at an incredible pace. But with this unprecedented growth come serious challenges. City councils need to manage congestion, pollution, infrastructure investment and much more besides.


  • Video surveillance and traffic monitoring cameras
  • Traffic and environmental sensor monitoring
  • Fixed & portable Variable Message Signs
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Remote reporting and database access
  • Fleet management and communications

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