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The wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy solutions are part of the MOTOwi4 portfolio - a comprehensive portfolio of wireless broadband solutions and services that provides high-speed connectivity, enabling a broad range of applications in a host of environments. The MOTOwi4 portfolio also includes wi4 WiMAX, wi4 Mesh and wi4 Indoor solutions for public and private networks.

Highly-Reliable Connectivity
Virtually Anywhere

Motorola Point-to-Point (PTP) wireless Ethernet bridges make it easy to extend your network wirelessly. Our high-performance, cost-effective bridges make reaching the out-of-reach easier than ever. Operating in a variety of frequencies, these solutions provide reliable connectivity in even the most challenging situations.

  • NLoS, nLoS and LoS connectivity
  • Spanning distances up to 124 miles (200 kilometers)
  • Throughput up to 300 Mbps
  • Connect in challenging RF environments, such as over water
  • Extends PBX voice network and data

Motorola’s PTP Wireless Backhaul Solution is ideal for:

  • Replacing T1 E1 services (reduce monthly costs)
  • Backhauling video surveillance cameras
  • Connecting remote locations (public safety locations not easily reached via wired connections)

Featured Motorola Point-to-Point Products

PTP 100 Series

This series of bridges make use of Motorola's proprietary Canopy™ Wireless Broadband Platform modulation scheme to deliver broadband connectivity across distances of up to 35 miles (56 kilometers). The PTP 100 Series is available in a broad range of frequencies (2.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz) and are uniquely suited for delivering consistent throughput in Line-of-Sight (LoS) configurations.

Our PTP 100 series bridges come in both full (14 Mbps) and lite (7.5 Mbps) versions. These radios are ideal for line-of-sight conditions. They are highly reliable, weather resistant, compact and rugged in design. The PTP 100 radios produce consistent data rates in the face of interference. Ideal applications for these bridges are rural or remote locations, campus applications, temporary and emergency systems, video surveillance, telemedicine, e-learning and banking.

These solutions support both over-the-air DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption and are also available with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) capabilities, which provide 128-bit encryption, to ensure secure data delivery and exceptional reliability.

PTP 400 Series

Motorola PTP 400 Series solutions achieve high-quality, reliable non-line-of-sight (NLoS) and long-range line-of-sight connectivity where other wireless solutions cannot. In fact, the Motorola PTP 400 Series of Point-to-Point 4.9, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz wireless Ethernet bridges offer throughputs of up to 43 Mbps and support ranges up to 124 miles or 200 km.

Carrier-Class Reliability

All PTP 400 Series products include Motorola’s unique combination of technologies designed to protect against fading and radically increase performance, including:

  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output
  • Intelligent Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
  • Advanced Spectrum Management with Intelligent Dynamic Frequency Selection
  • Adaptive Modulation
  • Spatial Diversity

Point-to-Point Solution for Public Safety

Operating in the 4.9 GHz spectrum, this bridge gives firefighters, police officers, search and rescue teams and government officials the mission-critical reliability, high bandwidth and quality of service required to communicate during times of crisis and uncertainty. Offering full-speed and Lite models, this bridge can deliver the throughput required for applications, such as on-scene streaming video, Internet and database access and file transfers. The 400 Series product for 4.9 GHz includes:

  • PTP 49400 4.9 GHz Integrated - Up to 43 Mbps solutions with built-in antennas
  • PTP 49400 4.9 GHz Connectorized - Up to 43 Mbps solutions with the high-gain advantage of external antennas
  • PTP 49400 4.9 GHz Lite Integrated and Connectorized - Up to 21 Mbps

Built-in Security and Optional AES Encryption

Because each radio is pre-programmed with the MAC address of its matched partner, the two ends of a link will communicate only with each other eliminating "man in the middle" attacks. Each matched pair also employs a complex scrambling mechanism that offers a high degree of security for over-the-air transmissions. In addition, you can choose to augment these security capabilities with FIPS 197 compliant, 128-bit AES encryption.

PTP 500 Series

Choose the PTP 500 Series to deliver high-speed, robust wireless backhaul. Connect buildings in a campus setting. Extend video surveillance beyond the wired infrastructure. Support bandwidth-intensive applications such as Voice-over-IP, telemedicine, IP gaming and multimedia. The PTP 500 bridges can deliver up to 99.999% availability in virtually any environment, including non-line-of-sight, long-distance line-of-sight, over water or open terrain, even through extreme weather conditions.

PTP 500 Series bridges come in Integrated and Connectorized models, both available in 5.4 and 5.8 GHz RF bands and operating at data rates up to 105 Mbps.

More Range to Anywhere

PTP 500 Series links have class-leading sensitivity and power output, which enable the links to go farther than comparable systems – up to 155 miles (250 km).

More Channels

Motorola combines MIMO, i-OFDM and our advanced signal-processing algorithms to create four simultaneous channels between pairs of transceivers at each end of the link, without losing spectrum efficiency.

Choice and Flexibility

PTP 500 Series bridges are available in several models to meet your individual requirements:

  • • 5.4 and 5.8 GHz Integrated: These operate at Ethernet data rates up to 105 Mbps with dual built-in antennas, for obstructed and high-interference environments where high throughput is a major requirement.
  • • 5.4 and 5.8 GHz Connectorized: These models combine the technology of the Integrated versions with the high-gain advantage of external antennas. Over long distances and in extremely adverse environments, including deep non-line-of sight, these solutions let you connect over greater distance and at a higher level of reliability and speed than comparable wireless bridges.

PTP 600 Series

This Series of 2.5 and 4.5, 5.4, and 5.8 GHz wireless Ethernet bridges provide more range and capacity in near- and non-line-of-sight (NLoS) environments, delivering carrier-grade reliability. PTP 600 links have class-leading sensitivity and power output which enable the links to go farther, regardless of conditions. With data rates up to 300 Mbps, this Series of high-performance and secure wireless bridges provide throughput connectivity in some of the most challenging environments.

High-Throughput Connectivity Virtually Anywhere

With aggregate throughput up to 300 Mbps, PTP 600 Series solutions deliver greater spectral efficiency than comparable systems. These bridges are particularly well-suited for applications and networks that require high throughput and T1/E1 capability because they build in extra features that deliver greater speed and mitigate radio-frequency (RF) interference. The T1/E1 ports mean that you can bundle circuit-switched connectivity with IP voice, video and data communications Each radio is pre-programmed with the MAC address of its matched partner, so the two ends of a link communicate only with each other, eliminating "man in the middle" attacks. Each matched pair also has a complex scrambling mechanism, heightening security for over-the-air transmissions. You can augment security further with FIPS 197 compliant, 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption.

PTP 600 Series 5.4 and 5.8 GHz unlicensed solutions are designed to handle a wide variety of applications and environmental requirements:

  • PTP 58600 5.8 GHz Integrated – with data rates up to 300 Mbps and a built-in antenna
  • PTP 58600 5.8 GHz Connectorized – with data rates up to 300 Mbps and the high-gain advantage of external antennas
  • PTP 58600 5.8 GHz Lite Integrated and Connectorized – with data rates up to 150 Mbps
  • PTP 54600 5.4 GHz Integrated – with data rates up to 300 Mbps and a built-in antenna
  • PTP 54600 5.4 GHz Connectorized – with data rates up to 300 Mbps and the high-gain advantage of external antennas
  • PTP 54600 5.4 GHz Lite Integrated and Connectorized – with data rates up to 150 Mbps

Point-to-Point solutions for 2.5 GHz license holders

In 2004, the U.S. government established the Educational Broadband Service (EBS) to transmit instructional material utilizing low-power broadband systems and also provide high-speed Internet access. Motorola responded with the PTP 25600 broadband wireless solutions. Operating in the 2.5 GHz licensed spectrum, these solutions are designed to support the stringent requirements of a wide variety of EBS applications, including:

  • Backhaul for point-to-multipoint, WiMAX and mesh networks
  • Building-to-building and campus connectivity
  • Backbone operations
  • Internet access and email
  • Distance learning
  • Voice-over-IP and video surveillance

Featured Motorola Point-to-Point Accessories

GPS Synchronization Unit

The robust, reliable UltraSync GPS-100M generates a synchronization signal that originates from the atomic clocks on the GPS satellites that orbit the earth. Operators of a Motorola PTP 600 Series network can reap many benefits of the units superior GPS signal synchronization to include:

Interference mitigation between multiple links on a single mast; frequency re-use improvement; reduced spatial/angular separation between PTP links when installed on same mast; and a small footprint and lightweight from factor allowing for easy installation.

Lightning Protection Unit

The PTP-LPU is a high-speed, high-current solid state device that is enclosed in a rugged metal enclosure to withstand rain, snow, ice and winds up to 150 mph (242 kph). Although housed in a metal enclosure, the cost-effective unit is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport and install. The projected operational life of a PTP-LPU is 10 years, even when continually exposed to the elements.

Video Surveillance: Seeing Is Protecting

For a variety of applications—including perimeter monitoring, access control, public and individual safety and more—video surveillance systems are rapidly becoming the technology of choice for a wide range of organizations. Canopy solutions provide a cost-effective, reliable backbone infrastructure for transporting any type of video, sound or data IP surveillance traffic that can dramatically improve protection of property, capital assets and personnel.

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