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Canopy™ Point-to-Multipoint Solutions



The wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy solutions are part of the MOTOwi4 portfolio - a comprehensive portfolio of wireless broadband solutions and services that provides high-speed connectivity, enabling a broad range of applications in a host of environments. The MOTOwi4 portfolio also includes wi4 WiMAX, wi4 Mesh and wi4 Indoor solutions for public and private networks.

Canopy™ Technology is as Simple as it is Powerful

The wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy solution is streamlined, powerful and simple, with built-in installation and deployment assistance, making Canopy solutions faster and easier to implement.

Delivering Reliable, Cost-Effective High-Speed
Connectivity to Multiple Locations

Wireless broadband is quickly becoming the world’s preferred technology for enterprises, municipalities and service providers delivering advanced and in-demand IP-based voice, video and data applications. Motorola’s Canopy Point-to-Multipoint solutions are leading the way with successful deployments all around the globe.

Canopy solutions deliver scalable, interference-resistant, high-speed connectivity to multiple residential, business, institutional and municipal locations. The platform combines exceptional reliability with robust performance, scalability, multiple layers of security, ease-of-use, accelerated deployment and remarkable affordability.

It also integrates seamlessly with existing network systems and management tools, making it easier and cost efficient to extend existing networks.

Maximizing the productivity of unlicensed wireless frequencies, Canopy solutions streamline the development, deployment, enhancement and extension of advanced IP-based wireless broadband networks. They excel at delivering ubiquitous high-speed connectivity and state-of-the-art services, and are currently helping drive successful business models as well as helping bridge the digital divide in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Key Benefits

  • Configuration Flexibility
  • Spectrum Options
  • Fast Installation
  • Lower Costs

Components include:

Access Point (AP) Module

The Canopy AP seamlessly interfaces with an existing Local Area Network (LAN) via standard Ethernet connection. Compact and flexible, AP modules are built to be mounted outdoors, eliminating the need for overhead and in-ground wire or microwave.

AP Cluster

The foundation of the Canopy system is the AP cluster, a powerful system that includes six APs plus a Cluster Management Module (CMM). The CMM provides power for the Canopy modules and includes an Ethernet switch and a GPS receiver

Subscriber Module (SM)

Canopy SMs are compact and unobtrusive access receivers that are easy to install at a user’s or customer’s site. Subscriber Modules can be mounted outside, and need no additional software installation. Each AP module can serve up to 200 SMs.

Typical Canopy Users

Wireline Operators

Extend current networks, compete in new geographies, add to existing subscriber base.

Internet Service Providers

Become a network operator, enable growth in new geographies, expand services offering to include broadband and provide voice services as an option to customers.


Enable tracking and collecting of data including tree counts and weather conditions from crop fields in multiple counties at a central office; extends a network out to the field.


Increase speed of information sharing between a central college location and its satellite campuses; they own their own network.


Increase ad revenue by building more ad space via wireless, high-speed connectivity to digital signage; goes where there are no wires today.


Give user the ability to connect to the Internet for web browsing, data transfer and Voice over IP services (VoIP).

Video Surveillance: Seeing Is Protecting

For a variety of applications—including perimeter monitoring, access control, public and individual safety and more—video surveillance systems are rapidly becoming the technology of choice for a wide range of organizations. Canopy solutions provide a cost-effective, reliable backbone infrastructure for transporting any type of video, sound or data IP surveillance traffic that can dramatically improve protection of property, capital assets and personnel.

» Learn more about Motorola Wireless IP-based Video Surveillance Solutions

Canopy Advantage™ Platform

Extended networks must be able to provide the high levels of reliability and security today's customers demand. Canopy Advantage access systems, part of the wi4 Fixed family of technologies, can help network operators do it all.

The Canopy Advantage platform provides:

  • Higher Performance
  • Faster Speeds
  • True Quality of Service
  • Comprehensive Multi-Services Platform
  • Seamless Integration

» Learn more about the Canopy Advantage™ Platform

Canopy Featured Point-to-Multipoint Products

Canopy™ Lite

With Canopy™ Lite Subscriber Module, Motorola helps service providers deliver broadband services to virtually everyone who wants them. The lower cost of Canopy™ Lite Subscriber Modules makes high-speed Internet access, web browsing, e-mail — and even more advanced applications like VoIP and multi-media services — available to customers who couldn't previously afford them. These subscriber modules enable service providers to increase broadband penetration in markets where high cost is a major barrier.

Canopy™ 400 Series

What are some of the biggest obstacles to reaching a great many potential users or customers with wireless broadband access? Obstacles. Obstacles that block or interfere with high-speed wireless signals...tall buildings in dense urban environments, dense foliage in suburban and rural environments or obstructions of any kind in environments of every kind.

The Canopy 400 Series offers additional benefits that are equally important, including:

  • High-Speed nLOS and NLOS Access: The Canopy 400 Series uses powerful OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology to deliver exceptional nLOS/NLOS coverage with solutions that are able to penetrate foliage and reach around buildings and other obstructions. Results include maximized communications, increased productivity, new revenue streams and strengthened bottom lines.

  • High Throughput: The Canopy 400 Series delivers enhanced throughput of up to 21 Mbps supporting today’s most in-demand — but bandwidth-intensive — applications such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video surveillance, high-speed Internet access, multiple voice connections, and many more.

  • Long Range Connectivity: The Canopy 400 Series extends network connectivity ranges to distances of five miles (eight kilometers) or more per AP cluster, facilitated by higher gain antennas, rate adaptive modulation schemes and longer cyclic prefixes.

  • Cost-Effective Co-Location: Whether you’re a new operator or an existing Canopy network provider, the Canopy 400 Series provides one of the lowest costs of ownership in the industry. For current Canopy users, the 400 Series’ cost-effectiveness is driven by its ability to co-locate with other Canopy equipment to provide either network extension or a network overlay. For new operators, the system provides a globally proven all-outdoor solution, with reduced power consumption, fast, simple deployment, high reliability and low-cost ongoing operation. Motorola’s wi4 Fixed point-to-multipoint Canopy solutions, including the 400 Series, are an integral part of the MOTOwi4™ portfolio of wireless broadband technology, systems, and services.

Canopy Prizm / Element Management

Increase Canopy Network Efficiencywith Prizm EMS. The Prizm Element Management System is the optimum man-agement platform for Canopy wireless networks. The system simplifies integration and aggregation of multiple networks with open, industry-standard interfaces, and enhances network value by delivering faster ROI with a payback period of months, not years.

Canopy Point to Multi-point Accessories

Cluster Management Module 3

The foundation of the Motorola Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform is the Access Point Cluster, a powerful system that includes six Access Points. The Cluster Management Module 3 provides power for the Canopy Access Point Cluster and includes an Ethernet switch and a GPS receiver. GPS synchronization is essential to achieving reduction in system self interference.

Cluster Management Module 4

The Cluster Management Module 4 (CMM4) allows network operators to reduce the time and labor cost of system installation and maintenance in Canopy Access Point Clusters, the foundation of the Motorola Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform.

Coverage Extender

The Coverage Extender provides simple, high performance expansion of a Canopy™ network to serve potential end-customers outside of current wireless coverage range. The Coverage Extender enables service providers to deliver reliable VoIP and data service in areas that previously could not be cost effectively covered.

Many Canopy network operators find high-potential customers located just beyond the line-of-sight (LOS) of an Access Point (AP) or Access Point cluster, or within range, but in a coverage dead-zone, blocked by manmade or natural obstructions. In such cases, the Coverage Extender can be deployed with a connected Canopy Subscriber Module (SM) at an intermediate location within range of both the end-customer, and the AP or AP cluster. By connecting one or more additional AP's to the Coverage Extender at a non-interfering frequency, the coverage area can be expanded quickly, and bandwidth extended to capture new customer revenue opportunities.

The Coverage Extender is designed to be mounted outdoors within close proximity to the connected SM, The module comes with its own power supply and eliminates the need for individual power supplies for each connected Canopy device. This allows for a simple, "clean" deployment in a variety of situations.


The Canopy LENS Antenna enables service providers to provide reliable data and VOIP services in areas that could not previously be reached due to range limitations. By increasing the range and focusing the antenna beam, the LENS allows service providers the ability to reach more subscribers and results in a reduction of external RF noise. This compact yet durable product easily mounts directly onto existing Canopy radios and requires no additional mounting hardware.

Passive Reflector

The passive reflector dish mounts at the Canopy Subscriber Module to extend the range of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Canopy systems. With this accessory and proper system planning network operators can more than double the connection distance from an Access Point (AP) to the Subscriber Module (SM). Distances may vary based on terrain and other line-of-sight issues.

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