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CES Wireless


Brico Technologies is proud to offer CES Wireless Technology products. CES Wireless Technologies is a world leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of Mobile Information Systems, Fleet Management, Internet Convergence, Systems Integration and Wireless Signaling products.

These products and services include:

  • Mobile Messaging & Status Terminals
  • Seamless Work Order and Back Office processing
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)


POWER-trak™ from CES is the Automatic Vehicle Location solution that everyone is talking about, providing a dispatcher with real time graphic display of the fleet activity.  

Point and Click to See your fleet in Real Time

Available as a standalone system, or in conjunction with the many other wireless data vehicle peripherals in the CES range, this vehicle tracking system provides improved timeliness and control, efficiency and safety.

Send and Receive both Custom and Predefined Status Messaging

The POWER-trakT base controller, fitted with the CES TRACKER GPS unit, automatically communicates with the mobile fleet, transmitting position coordinates and other relevant status information.

This information is presented to the dispatcher on a geographical, color coded, high resolution map. Quick access is provided through mouse-oriented point-and-click windows and pull down menus. Zoom levels range from 100 mile overviews to 200 foot close-ups.

  • Real Time Vehicle Display
  • Custom and Predefined Status Messaging
  • Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll
  • Multiple Window Views and Scales
  • High Quality Maps

TRK-240 Mobile Display and Status Terminal

The TRK-240 Mobile Display Terminal provides advanced operational features together with a 4 x 40 character message screen for the driver to receive text or two-way status messages from the dispatcher.

An optional GPS Automatic Vehicle Location device can be internally fitted to provide geographical co-ordinates of the vehicle at preprogrammed intervals and/or on each transmission. The unit is compatible with a wide range of wireless infrastructures. In addition, a credit card reader, bar code scanner, external keyboard or a mobile printer can be attached.

The terminal also allows the user to activate up to 12 keys (with predefined message legends) describing the current activity of the user, e.g. on-site, in-service, out of service. When any of the status keys are activated the message is automatically displayed and transmitted to the base dispatcher using the existing wireless communications system. Audio and visual prompts assist the driver. When the status is received by the base and automatically acknowledged by the base dispatch software, the status key LED stops flashing and the current acknowledged status is displayed. If the status is not properly sent/acknowledged the QuadtecT protocol continues to send the call automatically until the message gets through.

The system provides automatic number identification, auxiliary control inputs & outputs, status reporting with time stamping, selective calling, audio and visual indicators, GPS integration and many other important features to increase your operating efficiency and fleet control. All of this provides for lower operating expenses by providing the proper information quickly and easily.

The unit has a RS-232/485 port interface, together with digital inputs and outputs for automatic status registration.

The base software system provides a dispatcher with a menu driven Windows based (PC) software suite for tracking vehicle activity and message dispatch. This multi-channel software system provides a dispatcher with the required information in an easy to understand format. In addition to the main tracking screen, customer, vehicle, driver, history and plant views are provided. Comprehensive reporting, printing and setup capabilities are also supplied. The controller can be easily interlaced to any of the industry specific software systems which provide batching, management and accounting & CAD functions.

TRK-240 Mobile Display Terminal

TRK-240 Mobile Display Terminal PDF Brochure

GPS-150 Standalone GPS with Integral Modem

The GPS-150 is a full featured stand alone Automatic Vehicle Location module compatible with the Global Positioning System (GPS) that comes complete with an integrated wireless data modem to communicate through any popular wireless infrastructure.

Designed to easily mount on a vehicle, boat, train or any moving object that needs accurate and reliable location tracking, the device is ruggedized and splashproof. It is designed for demanding mobile environments where performance and reliability are essential.

Using pioneering techniques, the GPS-150 utilizes the most sophisticated form of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). This is called the Global Positioning System and is a constellation of 24 satellites developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, and made available without charge to commercial and civilian users.

The unit will operate over any voice grade channel or dedicated data network and is compatible with virtually any radio transmission device.

The GPS-150 has a host of additional features, together with multiple input and output ports making it a highly flexible and configurable system component. These include advanced features with intelligent radio interfaces, multiple serial and digital I/O ports. In addition to its GPS reporting capability, the GPS-150 can be interfaced to numerous other peripheral devices to provide advanced fleet management features. For example, it can be interfaced to engine management systems, sensors and controls to provide real time status conditions or any form of analog information. Intelligent memory maintains the port states even on power down.

A proprietary "data accumulation compression technology", (DACT), allows for the accumulation of data over extended periods, and then rapid transfer over a wireless infrastructure at pre-programmed time intervals. DACT provides the dispatcher with detailed, "step by step' information on the vehicle being tracked together with vital statistics for accurate management analysis.

The GPS-150 operates in conjunction with the any of the CES Wireless software packages. These affordable and advanced software systems provide for multiple channel, multiple protocol and multiple dispatcher. Please refer to the software brochures for detailed information.

GPS-150 Automatic Vehicle Location Unit

GPS-150 Automatic Vehicle Location Unit PDF Brochure


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